Hirsch’s Jobs: Types of skills you need for a job

Make sure you get hired by having the basic skill sets. Know all about these skills here at Hirsch’s Jobs. The basic skills you need to get a job are:

1.: * Reading and writing * Arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) * Listening * Visually recognizing patterns and colors * Following simple directions * Meeting deadlines Now that you have read Chapter 1, are you ready to start making some money? If so, turn the page and continue reading… Chapter 2 What You Will Learn Here’s a summary of what you will learn in this chapter:

2. How to find out exactly what you should be doing to make your fortune.

3. Why this job is different from any other job you’ve ever had before.

4. Exactly how to go about finding your first “real” job.

5. How to create a “pitch book” that will help you get an appointment for an interview.

6. What you need to know to prepare for an interview.

7. An exact formula you can use to calculate the “Big Mo” (Major Motivation Factor) of any given opportunity.

8. Exactly what you should study if you want to become a multi-millionaire.

9. Exactly what you should study if you want to become financially free.

 10: Copywriting… what you write for advertisements, direct mail letters, and other such media. Computer Skills… you need to know how to make a website profitable, how to search the Internet for information, and so on. Education Requirements… some employers want people who have an advanced degree while others will consider workers with only a high school diploma or even no degree whatsoever. Ethics Requirements… know what the employer wants and doesn’t want when it comes to hiring people. Some employers don’t want to deal with employees at all. They want to hire independent contractors instead. General Business Skills… these are the “Big Five” skills that are necessary for success in any business endeavor. They include the ability to analyze situations, to prioritize, to work independently, to persevere, and to make decisions. Grammar and Typing… this is also important. Good spelling and grammar go a long way in convincing someone you are honest and trustworthy. Internet Proficiency… if you don’t have a personal computer or the skills to use one, you will be at a serious disadvantage when competing for jobs. Employers check your Internet skills as part of their employment process. Legal Requirements…

In conclusion, I would like to say there is no magic formula that will guarantee you job-security. However, if you learn and internalize the 10 crucial skills mentioned in this chapter, then at the very least, you will be ready to respond to whatever employment situation arises in the immediate future. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to financial freedom. Please remember, Hirsch’s Jobs is here to help! Sincerely, Joe Cossman Chapter 3: How To Find Out Exactly What You Should Be Doing To Make Your Fortune In this chapter, we’re going to talk about what you should be doing to make your fortune. There are several ways you can use the information in this chapter to help you achieve that goal. First, keep an open mind. You may already know exactly what you want to do to make a lot of money… and… just maybe, you don’t. Oftentimes, people who’ve been struggling for years with no success whatsoever will discover a totally unexpected opportunity that makes them rich. Next, always remember, “If it’s to do or die, I want to do.” 

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