How to ace your next job interview

Hirsch’s Jobs: How to ace your next job interview

One of the most intimidating things about finding a job is the interview, especially if you’re a fresh graduate. You want to appear confident and graceful, but not too conceited that you end up getting on the wrong foot with your potential employer. However, no matter how hard you try, your jitters get the best of you.

When it comes to job interviews, your success depends on how well you are prepared. The moment you step into the office, you already need to make a good impression. Think of this as the chance to prove how deserving you are, so you have to show them what you’ve got.

Dress the part

If you want to make a great first impression on the hiring team, make sure that you dress appropriately. For starters, visit the profile of the company so you can get a feel of how people dress. They might wear suits for a bank or a business casual outfit for an advertising agency. 

For instance, if you’re a woman, you can wear a blouse and dress pants so you can look presentable in front of the interviewer. You can also mix in some fashion trends but ensure that it won’t be too distracting. 

Do some research

Before heading straight into the interview, research your potential employer first. Learn about their goals, mission & vision statements and accomplishments in the last few years. In this way, you’re ready to answer questions related to the company you’re applying for. 

It shows that you’ve done a great deal of research, which is a good way to impress your employer. Remember that the more knowledge you have, the more confidence you will feel. 

Prepare for the questions

Most job interviews pose the same questions to applicants such as their strengths, weaknesses and previous work experiences. You would be asked about your skills, hobbies and who you are as a person outside of work. This is why you should list down everything you know about yourself so you can answer these kinds of questions smoothly. 

For example, the interviewer might ask you to identify your weaknesses. To answer the question, you can mention a specific skill you’re not good at yet you’re willing to improve on. You can say that you’re not exactly good at public speaking, so you try to speak in front of a crowd when there’s a chance to hone your confidence. 

Send a thank-you note

Although this part is not mandatory, it can increase your chances of getting the job. A day after the interview, send a gratitude email to the hiring team to let them know you’re thankful to have this opportunity. You can include the things you look forward to and the things you’ve discussed that hooked your interest.

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