Hirsch’s Jobs: How to love a job you don’t like

What would you do if one day, things work out differently and you find yourself accepting a job that you don’t like? Perhaps, you got laid off and need to earn an income as soon as you can to keep your family afloat. You send your resume to a job you don’t have a passion for out of sheer desperation, caught between chasing your dreams and settling for something okay.

Most people don’t have the privilege to be picky when it comes to jobs. However, no matter what work you end up with, it’s possible to build a nurturing relationship with it. For as long as you have the right perspective, you’re on the right track. You never know, you might even completely fall in love with your job!

Here are simple ways on how you can learn to love your job:

Ask for help

Oftentimes, you may feel a little overwhelmed or overworked at your job. You might be clueless about some parts of the work process, making it harder for you to accomplish your tasks on time. In these cases, don’t be afraid to ask for support. Consult your manager or colleagues and be honest about your struggles at work.

For instance, you can take advantage of work seminars and training to help you become a better employee. Also, if your workload is unmanageable, delegate the tasks to keep things balanced.

Practice gratitude

When you don’t love your job, it’s difficult to feel grateful for it. It can be tough to see the good qualities of your work when you’re so caught up in contempt. But one of the easiest ways to cope with your job is to practice gratitude, no matter the situation. 

Try to keep a journal solely dedicated to your work. Every day, list down all the good things that happened to you during your shift. This could be about a workmate bringing you a cup of coffee, a compliment from your boss or a free lunch given by the company.

Once you make this a habit, you develop a positive attitude toward what you do. You prevent yourself from getting too burned out or falling off the deep end.

Be realistic

Even the people who have found jobs that they certainly adore sometimes don’t enjoy every second of their work. They encounter difficult days when things just don’t work out and everything doesn’t meet their expectations. No job, no matter how well it pays, is going to give you that satisfaction and purpose you need.

Be realistic and know what to expect. When your body is at the edge of giving up, take the day off. Or when you’re not in the right headspace, try not to push yourself too hard. If you force yourself to love your job all the time, the opposite will happen. You’ll grow to hate it more, leading you to make mistakes you’ll regret one way or another.

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