Success Stories

Hard work, dedication and perseverance goes a long way at Hirsch’s.
Nothing in life is easy, but our employees have proven over time that working at Hirsch’s enables them to grow from strength to strength.

Let us enable you to open the doorway to your dreams, your goals and a fantastic career.

Mohamed – Hirsch’s IT Support

Mohamed buys his dream Toyota car

Mohamed started working for us beginning of 2018, within 6 months Mohamed was a proud new Toyota owner.

Tsz Yan Lau – Hirsch’s Silverlakes PRO

Tsz Yan Lau gets that Mini Cooper she’s always wanted

Through hard work, dedication and setting the right goals – you too can work towards that Mini Cooper!

Xolani – Hirsch’s Fourways Sales

Xolani got what he wanted

Xolani brought reliability to his family by working hard and in result, buying his family a Mercedes Benz.

Kompressor – Hirsch’s Strubens Valley

Kompressor dreamt of this one for years

Kompressor, for the first time in his career – is now mobile.

Felicia – Hirsch’s Service Central

Felicia gets her family car

Felicia grew from strength to strength, the proof is in the picture

Caroline – Hirsch’s Struben’s Valley

Caroline selfie with her car

Caroline got what her goal was set to