What Our Employees Say ?We collect testimonials from our employees so you can get an honest opinion of what working for Hirsch’s Homestore is really like!

“Growing at Hirsch’s, I have built my confidence over the years.  I faced many challenges personally and in the business, but Margaret Hirsch has taught me to be a strong woman and overcome my challenges. Margaret Hirsch has motivated an inspired me over the years.  I also give speeches at events because of my strong confidence.”

Pam – Ballito Branch Manager

“The one thing that sets Hirsch’s apart from all other companies is that we encourage our staff to grow and be the best person they can be we build on their strengths and ignore their weaknesses. I started as a cashier and is now second in command to our Financial Manager. We are empowered to conquer our daily challenges. “

Glendelle – Headoffice Financial Operations

“Hirsch’s taught me to embrace change and to keep learning. Learn something new and understand it to your best ability. In my experience at Hirsch’s I believe woman have the highest level of thresh hold and endurance (hence the reason why we carry babies for 9 months & give birth to them). With this we are able to conquer anything we put our minds to”

Simone – Umhlanga Personal Assistant

“I truly feel alive when I am at work. I really enjoy the interaction with customers, colleagues and the many different daily scenarios that I encounter. This allows me to grow in experience and in turn being more effective in my job and thereby adding more value to Hirsch’ss as a result. Hirsch’s has grown me to be more confident, self sufficient and motivated”

Chrissie – Fourways Assistant Manager

If you have got passion and self discipline then Hirsch’s Homestores is the right company for you. It will open many doors for yourself, your bank balance and will give you the confidence to grow personally. We are strong individuals, team players and as a Hirsch’s member, one must always think out of the box at all times.

Ashleigh – Silverlakes Warranty Sales

“I joined Hirsch’s towards the end of 2014 and I have many goals. But through Hirsch’s Homestores – I have accomplished some off them both professionally and personally, just 2 days ago I bought another car. I love working at Hirschs because it gives me so many opportunities and knowledge and as a result I become a better person every day”